Corporate Portraits / Headshots Photography

I always enjoy doing portraits / headshots.  Each session is unique because every person who I photograph is unique.  Getting their personality to show in their photograph is what makes portrait photography so interesting.  Sometimes it is easy, other times it takes a bit more effort to get my client to relax and be themselves.  

Vienna, VA High School Photo Shoot at Meadowlark Gardens

The majority of my clients tend to be business / corporate in nature, I always enjoy the opportunity to photograph High School Seniors.  The shoots are fun and there are no rules, just have fun with it.  A friend of mine has a daughter and she wasn't happy with the photographs from the photographer that took them at her high school.  So we met at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, VA and walked around for about 90 minutes and created all different types of images.

Some images were just straight up nice portraits, others we tried to go for a fashion look, and others a serious (but fun) look.  

Cleveland Clinic Cover Photo Shoot

I had the opportunity to photograph another cover photo shoot for Scholar Magazine, Strayer University's alumni magazine.  This assignment took us to Cleveland, OH in the dead of winter. Cleveland was hit by a big snow storm the day we were traveling.  Most flights into Cleveland's airport were being diverted away, but for some reason our plane was allowed to land!  The cab ride to the hotel was very interesting, the cab driver kept apologizing for not going faster on the snow covered roads because the other drivers were going too slow.  I kept assuring her I was in no hurry.

The next morning it was about 5 degrees outside, so we were not likely to take any photographs outside.  Fortunately, the Cleveland Clinic's campus is quite large and provided a lot of interesting walkways, stairways, and lobbies to do some great editorial photographs.  

Environmental Portraits

When taking environmental photographs I try use the client's office / work environment to tell something about what they do for a living, or use architectural elements of their work environment to add to the interest of the photograph.  In two of the photographs below I used the dental office lights and equipment to enhance the photographs that I took at a local dental office.  In the case of office professionals we used their lobby's lights and lines to give some interest to the photographs. 

Washington, DC editorial portrait - Nikki - Teach for America

Nikki Devonee Alston decided to pursue her passion - helping children.  She left the banking industry and joined Teach for America in 2011.  She currently manages private-sector recruiting for Teach for America helping others transition from the corporate world.

Nikki was featured in Strayer University's Fall 2014 issue of their Scholar Magazine. I had the pleasure of photographing Nikki at her office in downtown Washington, DC.

Scholar Magazine Cover Photo Shoot - Editorial Photo Session

I had the pleasure of photographing Rosie Allen-Herring a few months ago for the cover of Strayer University's Scholar Magazine.  After spending 21 years at Fannie Mae here in Washington, DC, Rosie became the CEO at of the United Way of the National Capital Area.  

We arrived at her office a couple hours before the shoot and scouted areas at the UWNCA offices in downtown Washington, DC.  One of my favorite photographs is the one with Rosie looking out a window in one of the conference rooms across the street from the Strayer University Washington Campus.  And as it seems to work out that sometimes the simplest shots (this was shot with entirely natural light) are the best.

Executive Portraits in the Studio and at the Office

Professionally photographed Executive portraits (aka head shots)  have never been in more demand.  Quite often the first touch point that a new customer has with your company is via social media, be it your own website, Facebook, Twitter, etc..  

That first impression can make the difference between them staying on your website or Facebook page for more information or bouncing to your competitor's website.  Sharp, engaging portraits can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Here are just a few portraits I have done over the last few weeks.  About a third of my work is done in portrait studio setting, and the rest are done at the client's location where we do more of an environmental portrait.

Aspiring Actress Photo Shoot

The daughter of one my clients, Cassidy, was in need of some updated headshots for her acting career.  She is currently a student at a local university, but she has had a few small parts in TV shows and movies, and thinks that some day she might want to pursue acting fulltime.  Her agent asked that she get some new headshots so that he could more actively pursue some new roles for her.  It was really a fun photo shoot.  Cassidy was great in front of the camera. 

Actress Model Photographer Reston Tysons Corner VA
Actress Model Photographer Reston Tysons Corner VA
Actress Model Photographer Reston Tysons Corner VA
Actress Model Photographer Reston Tysons Corner VA
Actress Model Photographer Reston Tysons Corner VA