Steve Harvey's Act Like A Success Conference

Strayer University was a sponsor of the Act Like A Success Conference presented by Steve Harvey which was held in early March in Reston, VA.  Strayer invited me to photograph the event for them.  

Steve Harvey was the keynote speaker on the second day.  He was funny (as you would expect), inspirational, and motivational.  The cornerstone of his presentation is that he believes that everyone has a unique, God given gift that you need to discover and then leverage that gift to achieve happiness and success.

He is great to photograph because he so animated and he has his audience hanging on his every word.  I never realized that not that may years ago he was bankrupt and living out of his car.  He discovered his gift (comedy) and leveraged that into the success he enjoys today with his own talk show and as the host of Family Feud.  He as written a book and has started the Steve Harvey Radical Success Institute ... a busy man.

Executive Portraits - On Location and in Studio | Washington DC Photographer

Professional, unique Executive Portraits / Head-shots can significantly raise the professionalism of a client's website.  Photographs of executives that look like they were taken photograph a point and shoot camera, or dated pictures that look like they were taken a decade ago, can reflect poorly on a company. 

Clients are looking for fresh and clean style, quite often in a location setting, to set themselves apart.  The following photographs were taken over the last month.  Some of the photos were taken outside the client's office building, in a "borrowed" law office, inside the client's office, and some in my studio. 

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

Washington DC Executive Portrait Photographer

VA Executive Portrait Photographer

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Executive Portraits - Fairfax Chamber of Commerce

The Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, led by its President Jim Corcoran, have done a wonderful job of serving the business community in the Fairfax County Virginia area.  Even with a difficult economy, they have managed to grow their membership and as a result have added some new staff members to help support their growing membership.  I was asked to do a few executive portraits / head-shots of some of their new members and while I was their, take a portrait of Jim Corcoran by their logo.

Fairfax Vienna Reston Tysons Corner McLean Executive Portrait Photographer
Fairfax Vienna Reston Tysons Corner McLean Executive Portrait Photographer
Fairfax Vienna Reston Tysons Corner McLean Executive Portrait Photographer
Fairfax Vienna Reston Tysons Corner McLean Executive Portrait Photographer

Posted by Fairfax, VA Photographer Len Spoden

Executive Portrait / Headshots | Northern VA Photographer

With the proliferation of corporate websites, Linkedin profiles, Facebook profiles, etc.  clients are always looking for a professional and distinctive portrait / head shot.  So many professionals try to have one of their colleagues take a photo of them in their office and it looks unprofessional and leaves a bad first impression.  So executive portraits are always in big demand. 

Reston VA Portrait Executive Headshot Photographer

Reston VA Portrait Executive Headshot Photographer

Reston VA Portrait Executive Headshot Photographer

Posted by VA Portrait / Headshot Photographer Len  Spoden

Reston, VA Architectural Photography

One of my clients in Reston, VA, ScienceLogic, asked me to photograph their new headquarters building in Reston, VA.  I waited until late evening to photograph the building to take advantage of a beautiful setting sunlight on the building.  The pond and the water fountain really helped frame the photograph. 

Posted by Reston, VA Architectural Photographer - Len Spoden

Executive Environmental Portraits / Photographs

I have a number of clients that frequently need portraits of their executives.  Many of the executives are in town for a meeting and I need to catch up with them between meetings at the office location.  Environmental executive photographs are extremely popular.  Usually it is a new location that I am not familiar with or it is a location where I have done a number of photo shoots.  The two executive portraits below are for two different clients that I photographed over the last couple of weeks in Reston, VA and Herndon, VA.  I was familiar with both these locations and the trick was to keep the photographs fresh and not looking like they were taken by the same photographer at the same location in the same way as all the other portraits that I had taken. 

For the woman executive I used the natural light that was coming in the front lobby of this Herndon, VA office building and had her sit down in the lobby chair.  I used the lit wall as a nice backdrop.  Together with her wonderful smile, I got a very nice photograph.

The male executive was over six feet six inches tall.  I had a stool but I still didn't like the perspective that I was shooting him.  I had taken a number of photos in this lobby in Reston, VA but with nobody this tall.  I found myself shooting upwards and I couldn't seem to avoid the Exit signs and other distracting elements in the background.  I looked around and had him sit down in this small area by map in the lobby.  It was my favorite photograph of the day. 


Posted by Washington, DC and Reston, VA Photographer - Len Spoden

Reston VA Executive Portraits / Headshots

As an environmental portrait photographer I quite often get asked to take pictures of  a group of executives at their office location.  The client wants unique photographs that don't have the typical canvas background.  And BTW you have about 15 to 20 minutes with each executive.  Having never scene the office before you have to hope that there is something interesting that you can use as backdrops other than a plain wall, and if  there is  a plain wall, you have to make it look interesting.

So I went to a local business here in Reston, VA to do four executive photographs in about an hour.  I got there an hour early to scout the building and test lighting.   As usual there was the mixture of tungsten, florescent, and daylight all over the place, so I had to figure how to filter my lights to match the environment.  That day was sunny and 90 degrees, so outside would be too harsh.  At the end of the day I was able to find a lot of natural light coming through windows that looked great, and I used my lights as fill. 

The other variable you never know about is the mood of the executives.  It was at the end of the day and they can be  tired and ready to go home.  These guys  were great.  They were all very cooperative and we had a lot of fun with the photographs.   Having fun is probably the  single most important key to getting great executive portraits / headshots.   I was contracted to do four executives, but there were two additional executives there who needed their photographs taken as well.  I was having fun, we were in a groove, so I had no problem taking their photographs.

Posted by Washington, DC Photographer - Len Spoden