Professional Portraits / Headshots in Washington, DC, Northern VA, and MD

The challenge of shooting a great portrait for the corporate world is that you want to make them as interesting and eye catching as possible, and still maintain a high level of professionalism that the corporate world demands. Of course, every business is different and you need to understand their culture and make sure that the photographs fit that culture.

The following is a small sample of portraits / headshots that I have taken over the last few months.

Professional Business Portraits / Headshots

This past quarter I have taken thousands of portraits of individuals that come from all walks of life. Wether I am photographing the NBA's All-time leading scorer, a consultant, a scientist, a chief executive, or a local golf pro, it all comes down to making them comfortable, getting to know them a little bit, and getting a photograph that truly reflects who they are. 

Portraits ... Just Great Conversation

Shooting portraits is always fun.  As a photographer you show up having never met the person, possibly never seen the location before, and within a short time period you must pick the best location, setup the lighting, and develop a rapport with the person you are photographing.  

I wish I had a dime for every client who tells me that they don't like having their picture taken.  Fortunately, most of my clients are very interesting and accomplished individuals and it is very easy to strike up a conversation, and before they know it the photo shoot is over and we have some great portraits that capture their personality ... and we had a fun chat while doing it.  

Environmental Portrait Discussions

The best part of portrait photography is that you get to meet so many different people from all different walks of life.  Over the last three months since my last blog post I have had the opportunity to meet executives from a large biotech/pharmaceutical corporation, financial planners/advisors from some of the most prestigious investment firms, the president of a local bank, the SVP of a large application software company, consultants ... and many more.  

I have discussions ranging from curing cancer to what are the best places in ski out west.  And in terms of locations we have been in conference rooms, lobbies, alley ways, hallways, staircases, decks, you name it ... whatever it takes to get the best photograph.  

The environmental photographs below were taken in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern VA over the last few months.   

Environmental Portraits / Headshot

All of the environmental portraits below were shot in different buildings / settings.  Some were photographed outside, some were in lobbies, and one was photographed on a stairway.  The stairway shot was fun because I photographed him walking down the staircase to get a more natural smile and body posture. 

Editorial Photographs for Strayer Magazine

Strayer University's Fall 2015 edition of the Scholar Alumni Magazine,,  featured individuals who graduated from Strayer and had careers in the Criminal Justice arena. I was fortunate to photograph three of the individuals who lived in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD area.  

I always try to give my clients a lot of variety of shots when I am on an editorial photo shoot.  Even when I am given "guidelines" of what the editor is looking for, it is always good practice to give them more than they asked for.  One of the photo shoots I was told that the image would "definitely" run vertical, well it ran horizontal.  Quite a lot of things change when the magazine is being edited and it is always nice to have options.

Environmental Portrait Photography

When I take an environmental portrait, it is ussually  photographed in the subject's normal environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject's life and surroundings.  

By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, I am able to better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality, rather than merely a likeness of their physical features. By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, the subject will be more at ease, and so be more conducive to expressing themselves, as opposed to in a studio.

The following is a very small sample of the some environmental portraits that I have taken over the past few months. 

Corporate Portraits / Headshots Photography

I always enjoy doing portraits / headshots.  Each session is unique because every person who I photograph is unique.  Getting their personality to show in their photograph is what makes portrait photography so interesting.  Sometimes it is easy, other times it takes a bit more effort to get my client to relax and be themselves.  

Environmental Portraits

When taking environmental photographs I try use the client's office / work environment to tell something about what they do for a living, or use architectural elements of their work environment to add to the interest of the photograph.  In two of the photographs below I used the dental office lights and equipment to enhance the photographs that I took at a local dental office.  In the case of office professionals we used their lobby's lights and lines to give some interest to the photographs. 

Portraits in the Studio, in Georgetown, in Alexandria and at the Office

Over the last few months I have had the pleasure to meet and photograph CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other business people from all walks of life.  Most people are starting a new business, or trying to give their current business a boost by updating their website and other marketing materials.

The Washington, DC and Northern VA areas provide so many great backgrounds for environmental portraiture.  Alexandria and Georgetown are two of my favorite areas.  Having said that, I sometimes just shoot out of my studio with a classy grey background.   Over the past couple of months I have taken photographs in my studio and then cut them out of the background and placed them in a different environment.  One of the pictures below was done that way.