Restaurant Architectural Photography

The owner of a new office building in Alexandria, VA asked me to photograph some of the tenants in his building. One of the tenants was a new restaurant.  The restaurant had done an excellent job of incorporating the curved shape of the building into the design of the restaurant.  So when I photographed their restaurant I was very cognizant of the shapes and tried my best to incorporate that into my images.  


All the images were shot with my Nikon D4 with one of three lenses, the Nkon 24-70MM F2.8, the Nikon 14-24MM F2.8 or the Nikon PC-E 24MM F/3.5D.  Flash was used on a few images to fill in some shadows, but for the most part the shots were done using available light.  The owner asked that I photograph the restaurant at night because it would show off the architectural features and the lighting better ... she was right.

Alexandria VA Restaurant Architectural Photographer

Alexandria VA Restaurant Architectural Photographer

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Architectural Photography - Alexandria, VA

I love doing architectural photography.  It is always interesting to look at a new building, office space, or home and see what the architect or interior designer was trying to accomplish with their design.  It is my job as the architectural photographer, to capture that spirit / theme in my photographs. 

I recently photographed an office building in Alexandria, VA that was still in the final stages of construction, but the property management company wanted to begin marketing the property.  As you can see from the photographs the building had a unique angled design with water fountains and sitting areas.

Reston, VA Architectural Photography

One of my clients in Reston, VA, ScienceLogic, asked me to photograph their new headquarters building in Reston, VA.  I waited until late evening to photograph the building to take advantage of a beautiful setting sunlight on the building.  The pond and the water fountain really helped frame the photograph. 

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