Portraits, Headshots, Environmental Portraits ....

The majority of my business is portraiture.  I love the fact that I get to meet people from all walks of life, in different settings and all of them with their unique personality  

My challenge and greatest enjoyment is to get to know each individual and get a glimpse into their personality and hopefully capture it in an image that reflects who they are. 

Below are samples of a few of the people I have photographed over the last few months.  The are aspiring actresses and models, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, high powered lawyers, and even the Penn State Nittany Lion. 

Environmental Portrait Discussions

The best part of portrait photography is that you get to meet so many different people from all different walks of life.  Over the last three months since my last blog post I have had the opportunity to meet executives from a large biotech/pharmaceutical corporation, financial planners/advisors from some of the most prestigious investment firms, the president of a local bank, the SVP of a large application software company, consultants ... and many more.  

I have discussions ranging from curing cancer to what are the best places in ski out west.  And in terms of locations we have been in conference rooms, lobbies, alley ways, hallways, staircases, decks, you name it ... whatever it takes to get the best photograph.  

The environmental photographs below were taken in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern VA over the last few months.   

Annual Report Executive / Group Photography Session in 20 Minutes

A local company that I work with was looking to update their executive portraits for their annual report.  They needed both individual and group portraits of the three top executives.  The executives were getting ready to release the year end numbers and prepare for their investor conference call, so we would only have them for a few minutes.  

Annual Report Executive Portrait Photographer Dulles VA

I went to their location the prior week and we took test shots and we decided on the locations and lighting for both the group and individual photographs.  The morning of the shoot I arrived two hours early to setup three different locations with the proper lighting.  We started the shoot at 10AM and we were done with all the photographs (both group and individual) by 10:20AM.  The executives were happy and we got the photographs we needed.

Annual Report Executive Portrait Photographer Dulles VA
Annual Report Executive Portrait Photographer Dulles VA

Dynamic Washington, DC K Street Photography

A firm in Washington, DC asked me to take environmental photographs of three of their executives.  We met in their lobby which was located on K Street in Washington, DC.  We took some very nice portraits of them in the lobby that were just want they asked for.  Before we finished I asked them if they had a few minutes to take some fun photos outside their building.  If these didn't turn out, no problem, we already took the photos that they wanted.  If they did turn out, they had something different and dynamic photographs.

The first image below is the photo we took outside.  I had the three executives walk towards me while I was on the ground.  This took maybe five minutes.  We all had a lot of fun doing it and we got a great photograph from it, well worth the five minute investment.

The Best Washington DC Photogrpher
Award Winning executive photographer

Company Testimonial Brochure Photographs in 45 Minutes | Dulles, VA Photographer

I received a call from a client in Philadelphia, PA who needed a few photographs of their client for a marketing brochure they were developing. Their client's offices were in Dulles, VA.   They needed the photographs within 48 hours and the client only had about 45 minutes to give me to take the photographs.  Other than that it was easy.  So I showed up and scoped out the building to get some ideas, the client (four people) showed up on time at 9AM and we started.  We were done by 9:45AM and everyone was able to get back to work.

I sent the photos to my client later that afternoon.  They were VERY pleased.  It can be nerve racking walking into an unknown environment and having to come out with first class, professional photographs with little time, but I also find I thrive under those conditions and produce some of my best work. 

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer

Dulles VA Corporate Photographer