Cover Photograph of the IDEA Fitness Journal - October 2017 Edition

I was happy to see a photograph that I took at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute last February was used as the cover photograph for the IDEA Fitness Journal in October, 2017.   Over a dozen other photographs that I took at the Las Vegas IDEA World Convention were also on display in the magazine!

Photograph of African American Athlete running.jpg

Professional Business Portraits / Headshots

This past quarter I have taken thousands of portraits of individuals that come from all walks of life. Wether I am photographing the NBA's All-time leading scorer, a consultant, a scientist, a chief executive, or a local golf pro, it all comes down to making them comfortable, getting to know them a little bit, and getting a photograph that truly reflects who they are. 

IDEA World Convention - Las Vegas, NV - The Super Bowl of Fitness

This year was my seventh year photographing the IDEA World Convention.  This is the first time the convention was held in Las Vegas in 10 years.  It is always a great convention to photograph because of all the energy and activity that the 10,000 participants bring to the event.  The best fitness professionals in the world are at this convention, such as Tony Horton, Todd Durkin,  Bennie Wylie, and Cassie Ho. 

GRAND OPENING - Henry's Sweet Retreat - Bethesda, MD.

Henry's Sweet Retreat is a candy market and dessert bar in Bethesda, MD.  Henry's is a modern version of a traditional candy store, plus much more. 

They had their Grand Opening on November 4, 2016.  The owners, Patty and Tom Craver, asked me to come by and photograph the store, the colorful candy, the baked goods, and the festivities. 

New York City Street Photography

I was in New York last weekend to visit my daughter.  I got there early on Friday before she got home from work so I decided to walk around New York and go into Street Photographer mode and capture some of the people and architecture that make NYC so unique.

IDEA Personal Trainer Event / Conference in Alexandria, VA

This past February, I had the pleasure of photographing the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute in Alexandria, VA for the fifth time.  Personal trainers, training managers and entrepreneurs descend upon this event to learn from the industry's top instructors so that they can gain inspiration, insights and the purpose necessary for a fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

As you can see from the photographs below, this event is filled with action, intensity, fun, and learning. 

Editorial Photographs for Strayer Magazine

Strayer University's Fall 2015 edition of the Scholar Alumni Magazine,,  featured individuals who graduated from Strayer and had careers in the Criminal Justice arena. I was fortunate to photograph three of the individuals who lived in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD area.  

I always try to give my clients a lot of variety of shots when I am on an editorial photo shoot.  Even when I am given "guidelines" of what the editor is looking for, it is always good practice to give them more than they asked for.  One of the photo shoots I was told that the image would "definitely" run vertical, well it ran horizontal.  Quite a lot of things change when the magazine is being edited and it is always nice to have options.

Penn State Nittany Lion in Washington, DC

The Metro Washington, DC Penn State Alumni Association Chapter called me a few weeks ago and asked if I wouldn't mind photographing the Nittany Lion around the National Mall.  They said they had a Nittany Lion outfit and one of them would wear it and I could take photos of them around the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, and the Vietnam Memorial.  Being a Penn State Alum, I, of course, said yes.  I have to admit that I thought I would be photographing some knock off costume of the Nittany Lion.

I met Andrew Schlegel, the local membership chairman, at 6:30AM at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  When he opened the bag and showed me the outfit I realized this was the real deal, down to the teeth and ears. I had a great time and I got a lot of funny looks as I walked around the National Mall with a Lion.

You can view and purchase prints of the images here PSU Nittany Lion.

Corporate Event Photography at the Disney Grand Floridian Hotel

One of my client's asked if I would fly down to Orlando, FL and photograph at event / conference they were having at the Disney Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando, FL.  It was tough duty, but somebody had to do it.  

I can honestly say that this was one of the best orchestrated events that I have ever been to.  It was two days of presentations in a large ballroom.  This could be pretty boring stuff.  Every presentation had plenty of humor and multi-media so that there was never a dull moment.  Oh yea, the hotel wasn't too shabby either.

Dr. Ben Carson - ALPAC Event

Dr. Ben Carson just announced he is running for the 2016 Presidential race.  I had the opportunity to meet and photograph him at an event that was held at the Gaylord National Hotel just outside of Washington, DC back in March of 2014.  

He seemed like a very well spoken and intelligent individual.  From what I could gather, he seemed to be a very conservative Republican.  The 2016 Republican Nomination race is gearing up to be very interesting.