NAFSA's Annual Conference - Event Photography

The NAFSA annual conference brought together more than 10,000 professionals in the field of international education for five great days of training workshops, educational sessions, networking opportunities, and special events at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, CA.

I photographed the event over three of the five days.  Much of the conference involves speakers talking to a large room of attendees or workshops.  But there is a lot of activity that does not occur during the scheduled seminars that I try to photograph and capture for my client.  Networking with others is probably one of the biggest benefits for attendees.  The ability to interact with colleagues from around the world is priceless.  NAFSA plans a lot of evening events that allow people to mingle in a casual environment.  The large Expo floor provided hundreds of Universities from across the world the opportunity to talk to the attendees one on one.  

The NAFSA 2014 Opening Celebration featured a live performance by Michael Franti, a musician, humanitarian, and children's book author who is known for his unforgettable, high-energy shows and his pioneering use of music as a vehicle for positive change.  Only in San Diego you plan for a party for 10,000 people outside in a park and not worry about the weather.  The weather was great the entire week. Between 60 and 75 degrees everyday and not  a drop of rain.