Washington, DC / Georgetown Executive Environmental Portraits

I was contacted by a new company that works with developing countries' leaders to strengthen the cultures of their societies so that their political units adapt better to threats.  They needed a photographer to take environmental photographs in an urban setting.  Living in Washington, DC provides a lot of options.  The one executive takes a lot of walks around Washington, DC and was struck by one neighborhood that he felt was the perfect backdrop.  We met at around sunrise and walked the neighborhood.  Every block presented us with new and interesting backdrops and lighting.  We wanted the images to be very earthy with little or no retouching or fancy lighting.  We wanted the executive to be approachable, but still somewhat serious.  So getting just the right expression was key to a successful shoot.

The second executive was from Colorado and we scheduled his shoot one morning the Georgetown area of Washington, DC.  We stayed primarily around the C & O Canal area which provides the urban brick look we were looking for.  Here again, simple lighting, approachable expression, and somewhat raw.  

PHOTOGRAPHER INFORMATION: Both photo shoots were shot primarily with my Nikon D4 with my Nikon 24-70MM F2.8 lens.  Most images were shot with natural light and/or a little fill flash.  I used my Fuji X100S camera a few times just to see if it gave me a different look from my Nikon at about the 35mm focal length. 

I used my Olympus OMD E-5 with the my Olympus 75MM F1.8 lens for a few of my tighther head shots like the first shot below.  The Olympus 75MM lens is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used.  The depth of field and bokeh on this lens makes your subject seem almost three dimensional.  

Washington DC Urban Environmental Photographer 0001.JPG
Washington DC Georgetown Environmental Portrait Photographer
Washington DC Georgetown Environmental Portrait Photographer
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Washington DC Georgetown Environmental Portrait Photographer
Washington DC Urban Environmental Photographer 0002.JPG