Sky High Rooftop Photography in New York City

The Spring Edition of Strayer University's Scholar Magazine featured Allyson King, Vice President of Education at Clarins, the French skin care and cosmetics company.  We photographed Allyson at the Clarins USA HQ in New York City at their Park Avenue office.  Their office's are on the top floor of their building so we were able to go out on the rooftop and  take some great photos of Allyson with the Chrysler Building in the background.  

It was a very sunny day and the sun was right in Allyson's face.  So there was no way to get a good photo of her without her squinting.  So I had my assistant hold a large card between the sun and Allyson and we used an Paul C. Buff Einstein strobe to light her face.  

The cover photograph was taken with Allyson in front of a window through with me standing on a high stool shooting down at her with a New York building serving as our background.  We were able to open the window with no screens or glass to worry about.   You can see the entire article by clicking here.

VA Portrait Photographer.JPG
DC Portrait Photographer.JPG