Lincoln Memorial / National Mall Portrait Session

I received a call from Regis College asking if I could take a series of photographs of one of their alumna, Fran Murphy, around the National Mall, and preferably around the Lincoln Memorial.  Fran has won an Emmy award for her documentary called "The Dream Began Here."  The Dream was a special about the contributions African Americans made to our Nation’s Capital. The special, which was produced by Fran and was aired on the Tribune television affiliate in DC, highlights the impact Blacks had on Washington, DC. 

The editor was very specific in that they didn't just want a photographer to take a photograph of Fran standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial.  The wanted a photographer to give them something different and dynamic.  The pressure was on.  Because of schedule conflicts Fran and I were not able to meet until September 29th.  We initially scheduled the shoot for mid-September. It was a gorgeous Sunday morning.  We met right at sunrise to beat the crowds and to take advantage of the morning sun.  If we had waited two more days the Lincoln Memorial would have been fenced off as a result of the government shutdown on October 1st. 

The photo that I am most fond of is the one with Fran standing next to where Martin Luther King stood when he gave the I Have a Dream speech on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C..   We were done with the shoot and we were leaving when I saw the inscription.  I asked Fran to stand there I went down to the ground and took a few frames.  I have learned to never stop looking for another photograph because sometimes the best one can be the last one when you least expect it.

Fran and I must have done a decent job because what was suppose to be an inside story became the cover story for Fall 2013 Regis Today alumni magazine.  You can read the entire article by clicking HERE:

National Mall Lincoln Memorial Washington DC Portrait Photographer
Lincoln Memorial Washington Monmument Magazine Cover Photographer  0002.JPG
National Mall Lincoln Memorial Washington DC Portrait Photographer