Vienna, VA Photographs

I think every photographer should have a little pet project that they do on the side beyond their normal client photography.  I take a lot of photographs of my family, but I wanted to have another personal photo project beyond my family.  After taking a few photos in Vienna, VA after a recent snow storm, I got the idea of taking photographs of my home town, Vienna, VA throughout the year.  It is a very interesting town, I go into town almost everyday, so it is convenient, and it is probably an area that hasn't been that photographed, unlike neighboring Washington, DC. 

LAHEY LOST VALLEY PARK is about a half block from my house. The woman who used to own the land that my house is on donated a large piece of wooded land to Fairfax County after she died.  Other than the house that she used to live in, the park is full of trees and a small creek.  This park is pretty much un-kept.  If it wasn't for the local residents that walk through the park, there wouldn't be any paths.  So one day, at  around noon, I took my dog for a walk with camera (Nikon D7000 with Nikon 35MM F1.8 lens) in hand. The shot below was okay in color, but I  took it into Photoshop and ran it through Nik SilverEfex Pro and 30 seconds later I had a much more interesting photograph. 

Posted by Washington, DC Photographer and VA Photographer - Len Spoden