Executive Environmental Portraits / Photographs

I have a number of clients that frequently need portraits of their executives.  Many of the executives are in town for a meeting and I need to catch up with them between meetings at the office location.  Environmental executive photographs are extremely popular.  Usually it is a new location that I am not familiar with or it is a location where I have done a number of photo shoots.  The two executive portraits below are for two different clients that I photographed over the last couple of weeks in Reston, VA and Herndon, VA.  I was familiar with both these locations and the trick was to keep the photographs fresh and not looking like they were taken by the same photographer at the same location in the same way as all the other portraits that I had taken. 

For the woman executive I used the natural light that was coming in the front lobby of this Herndon, VA office building and had her sit down in the lobby chair.  I used the lit wall as a nice backdrop.  Together with her wonderful smile, I got a very nice photograph.

The male executive was over six feet six inches tall.  I had a stool but I still didn't like the perspective that I was shooting him.  I had taken a number of photos in this lobby in Reston, VA but with nobody this tall.  I found myself shooting upwards and I couldn't seem to avoid the Exit signs and other distracting elements in the background.  I looked around and had him sit down in this small area by map in the lobby.  It was my favorite photograph of the day. 


Posted by Washington, DC and Reston, VA Photographer - Len Spoden