Reston VA Executive Portraits / Headshots

As an environmental portrait photographer I quite often get asked to take pictures of  a group of executives at their office location.  The client wants unique photographs that don't have the typical canvas background.  And BTW you have about 15 to 20 minutes with each executive.  Having never scene the office before you have to hope that there is something interesting that you can use as backdrops other than a plain wall, and if  there is  a plain wall, you have to make it look interesting.

So I went to a local business here in Reston, VA to do four executive photographs in about an hour.  I got there an hour early to scout the building and test lighting.   As usual there was the mixture of tungsten, florescent, and daylight all over the place, so I had to figure how to filter my lights to match the environment.  That day was sunny and 90 degrees, so outside would be too harsh.  At the end of the day I was able to find a lot of natural light coming through windows that looked great, and I used my lights as fill. 

The other variable you never know about is the mood of the executives.  It was at the end of the day and they can be  tired and ready to go home.  These guys  were great.  They were all very cooperative and we had a lot of fun with the photographs.   Having fun is probably the  single most important key to getting great executive portraits / headshots.   I was contracted to do four executives, but there were two additional executives there who needed their photographs taken as well.  I was having fun, we were in a groove, so I had no problem taking their photographs.

Posted by Washington, DC Photographer - Len Spoden