I usually don't put testimonials on my blog, but I thought this one really captured what I am about and what I try to accomplish with my photography. Kathy Craven is the mother of three daughters, two of which I have had the pleasure to photograph over the last year. Here is her testimonial.


Len Spoden is a gifted photographer. He says that he wants to “capture the emotion in people and events.” He does not lie. The pictures he shot of my daughter’s wedding were absolutely fabulous! There’s not one person who reviews them who doesn’t comment, “Who was your photographer; the pictures are fabulous (awesome, fantastic, etc)!” Not only does Len take wonderful pictures, but working with him is also terrific. He’s an easy going guy. You don’t even realize that he’s there with his camera shooting pictures! But when you see his results, you’re glad that he was there because the pictures he takes are worth a lifetime of memories!

This was actually the second time we had hired Len to take some pictures. He had first come to the rescue of my middle daughter who needed some senior portraits. The school photographer had tried three times and failed miserably. Len suggested a location and proceeded to shoot some great pictures of my daughter, pictures she liked. We treasure these senior portraits almost as much as his shots of our eldest daughter’s wedding! And I liked them because they weren’t your traditional straight on face shot. Len takes pictures with interesting angles and backgrounds. He’s a master craftsman!

Len didn’t ask me to write this testimonial. I am doing so because we have been so impressed with his work. You could pay two or three times his fee and not receive photos like the ones he has delivered for us, now on two important occasions!


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