Happy 25th Anniversary!

What a surprise party it was. Uma and Ravi's two children planned an amazing 25th anniversary party for their parents. Ravi's parents flew in from India and a number of guests flew in from around the country. It was magical to catch the expressions on their faces when they came home and saw their house full of friends and family.

I met Ravi and Uma a couple years ago while on an editorial photo assignment for The Washington Post. They invited me last year to photograph their daughters dance recital and then I got a call from their daughter to photograph the surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary party. It was a great time and an honor to spend the special evening with them. This is a very special family. The kids are very respectful of their parents and grandparents, and you can see the love and affection they have with their friends and family.

I am a Washington, DC, Virginia (VA), Maryland (MD) based editorial, portrait, and wedding photographer.