Home Made Home - Jeanne Drevas of Sperryville, VA

Jeanne Drevas of Sperryville, VA started building her home from scratch over 35 years ago. Knowing nothing about construction, she started in living in an old shack on 14 acres that she bought for next to nothing in 1972. Back then, Falls Church, VA was considered way out there, so land was cheep this far outside of DC. Over the years she added onto her home using wood from trees off her grounds and wood from an old garage that was being torn down. She now has a fairly large and comfortable home with running water and electricity. These photos were shot for an article in The Washngton Post Home Section. You can read the entire story by clicking on the title above.

Jeanne reminds me a lot of my one sister, who is about her age, and loves to live in country and off the land. Jeanne is a very successful artist with a very nice studio that she works out of on her grounds next to her home.