Chefs at Home - Chef Geoff Tracy - Barton Seaver - White House Executive Chef Chris Comerford

Do professional chefs actually cook at home? Well ... sometimes. The Washington Post Home section went out to three local chefs' homes to see what they like and don't like about their kitchens. We first went to Chef Geoff Tracy's home in NW DC. His home was recently renovated so he had, by far, the most input into his surroundings.

Barton Seaver bought a small townhouse in the DuPont Circle area of DC. His kitchen was very small, but efficient. White House Executive Chef Chris Comerford had a typical modern kitchen that came with her home that she and her husband purchased about five years ago in the Columbia, MD area.

What did I learn. They prefer gas ovens/stoves over electric in a big way. They like to have their working area clean and efficient. A kitchen that is too big is too hard to get around and wastes time. Get a couple of good knives ... that is all you really need. A good mixer/blender and well made pots and pans were also a must.

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