IDEA World Conference in San Diego

This was the seventh IDEA World Conference that I have photographed and the second in San Diego.  The San Diego Convention Center is the best convention center in the country, in my opinion.  The weather, the close proximity to the water, the  hotels, and being a block away from downtown San Diego, make this a wonderful location for a conference.  The weather has a huge impact on the conference itself.  Because the temperatures are between 65 and 75 degrees everyday, and it rarely rains, you can plan activities outside with a high confidence that you will not be rained out, or sweat to death.  

I was able to photograph a half dozen events outside, two of which were on the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier (which is just a few blocks from the Convention Center).  

Over 14,000 people attended this years convention.  During any time period there are dozens of events / sessions going on, and of course, there is the huge Expo Hall with hundreds of vendors and activities.  Trying to decide which events to photograph can be a challenge.  Outside sessions get very high priority.  You can't beat the fresh air, open space, and, of course, the great light.  There are a lot of great sessions on nutrition and the science of exercise and diet ... so often I am in a workshop and am totally engrossed in the presentation, but I have to leave to photograph another session ... I would love to go as a participant someday ... even for people who are not Personal Trainers, I think the conference would be extremely valuable if you are interested in nutrition, exercise, and health.  

A new addition to the conference was Les Mills Live.  WOW, their workouts were packed and the energy was amazing.  They started on Saturday morning at 8AM on the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier.  See the photos below, but photographing 800 people going through high energy workouts on the Midway was incredible.  Les Mills Live moved to the convention center and the high energy workouts continued but now with an amazing light show to help pump up the attendees.

Chris and Heidi Powell from ABC's Extreme Weight Loss were the recipients of the prestigious IDEA Jack LaLanne Award.  They were so appreciative of the award, and afterwards they led a workout session and lectures.  They were very kind and genuine people, and made themselves available to the attendees for pictures and discussion. I even got a photograph with them!



IDEA Personal Trainer Institute - Alexandria, VA 2018

The IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is for personal trainers, fitness professionals, owners and managers. They learn how to take their business and training skills to new heights. IDEA Personal Trainer Institute is where industry leaders demonstrate how they secure client and business success. The workshops include sessions on fitness assessment and program design to social media marketing and staff management.

I have been photographing this event for eight years and it is always exciting.  In addition to taking live photographs of the workshops and lectures, we also set up a photo studio in one of the conference rooms and do "staged" shots of trainers in action.  

Their annual conference is in San Diego this year and it will probably have over 10,000 fitness professionals in attendance.  I will be there as well.  This will be the third time that I have photographed a conference in San Diego, and it is one of the nicest locations in the country.  More information on the conference can be found at the IDEA Home Page.

Headshots / Environmental Portraits Around the DMV (DC / MD / VA)

When I meet a person for the first time to take their photograph I try to get to know them a little bit.  You can learn a lot about people just from how they communicate with you and their body language.  I then try to put them into an environment and mood that best aligns with their personality.  Here is a small sampling of headshots / portraits that I have taken over the last few months.

Washington, DC Event Photography

Washington, DC is a popular city for meetings.  Organizations like to come to our nation's capitol from around the country and the world to discuss and plan on topics ranging from education, energy, health, immigration .... you name it.  It is especially attractive because it allows attendees to visit with elected officials and department officials while they are here, and quite often local officials and department heads stop by to present and mingle with attendees.

Here is just a sampling of the photos I have taken over the past few months at some of these meetings.

Bank of America Northeast Washington, DC Financial Center Grand Re-Opening - Community Focused Financial Center

Bank of America remodeled and reopened their financial center at 722 H St NE, Washington, DC. This bank has been around for decades.  Bank of America is trying to recast the bank from just being a place to make deposits and cash checks, into more of a community center.  They have add iPads that customers can use and a small lounge area where they can relax and recharge their phones.  

There was free food, a band, balloons and a ribbon cutting to mark the reopening.  

Cover Photograph of the IDEA Fitness Journal - October 2017 Edition

I was happy to see a photograph that I took at the IDEA Personal Trainer Institute last February was used as the cover photograph for the IDEA Fitness Journal in October, 2017.   Over a dozen other photographs that I took at the Las Vegas IDEA World Convention were also on display in the magazine!

Photograph of African American Athlete running.jpg

Strayer Celebrates 125th Anniversary with Charles Mann at Washington Nationals Baseball Game

Strayer University celebrated their 125th Anniversary at the Washington Nationals baseball game in DC last month!  They celebrated with great food, company, and of course a great game (sort of, they lost to the Dodgers)!  Three-time Super Bowl champ Charles Mann (who is a Strayer alum!) was there to great fellow alumni along with the Abraham Lincoln racing president mascot.  

I was asked to photograph the event which was held in a large tent right outside the main entrance to the Nationals Stadium ... great place for a large pre-game party!

Images from The Zetema Project Meeting in Washington, DC - September 2017

The Zetema Project was founded in 2016 to discuss the state of US healthcare. More specifically, the concern was that the poorly informed and non-productive national conversation about healthcare was unlikely to lead to positive changes in the system.  Zetema was created as a way to improve the quality and productivity of that conversation.

The Zetema Project membership consists of a group of approximately 25 panelists representing a wide variety of political viewpoints and industry stakeholder groups. Members meet two to three times annually, with the first meetings held in January and September of 2017. 

The September 2017 meeting, which I was asked to photograph,  featured a session with Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin and focused on such issues as:

  • Reducing the cost of care delivery
  • Single payer healthcare/Medicare for All
  • Drug prices and costs
  • State innovation case study: the Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative
  • Bipartisan opportunities for healthcare reform


Family Photos at Woodend / Chevy Chase 10 Years after Wedding

Ten years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Jenny and Josh's wedding at Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase, MD.  I received an email from Jenny asking if I would do a family photo shoot of she and Josh with the six year old daughter and two year old son at the same location as their wedding.  

Of course, I said YES!  It was hard to believe that it had been 10 years.  They looked great, and their children were adorable.  

Professional Business Portraits / Headshots

This past quarter I have taken thousands of portraits of individuals that come from all walks of life. Wether I am photographing the NBA's All-time leading scorer, a consultant, a scientist, a chief executive, or a local golf pro, it all comes down to making them comfortable, getting to know them a little bit, and getting a photograph that truly reflects who they are.