MATROX Thunderbolt Docking Station for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

I bought this docking station about two months ago hoping that it could clean up having to plug in my audio cable, my USB 2/3 hub cable, my DVI cable, and my ethernet cable seperatly into my laptop by combing them into the Matrox docking station and just having to plug one thunderbolt cable into my MacBook Pro Retina laptop.  Great concept, but it has been very unstable.  I had a hard time waking my laptop from sleep, my USB3 devices simply wouldn't work,  and I found my laptop just becoming unstable.  I have unhooked my Matrox and went back to using direct connections into my laptop for the last two weeks, everything works great, the laptop wakes from sleep with no problem.  

Bottom line - don't buy the Matrox Thunderbolt Docking Station.  I have been on the Matrox website and there are some references to these problems, but the answer is always that they are working with Apple to find a solution (you get the feeling they believe it is Apple's problem, not theirs).