Better Family Photography

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give a presentation to MOPS, Moms Of Pre-School children group at Vienna Presbyterian Church in Vienna, VA, on how to take better family pictures.  At first I thought this would be easy for a professional photographer.  It turned out to be harder than I thought.  Having a four year old daughter helped me put myself in their shoes.

I opened up the presentation by taking questions from the moms. Here is what I heard:

  • my pictures are blurry, my son is one big blur across the photograph
  • there is always a big delay when I hit the shutter button and I miss the shot
  • my kids always want to see the photographs right after I take them
  • how can I get them all to smile at the same time?

They also sent me some photos ahead of time and had me analyze them.  What I saw was harsh lighting, boring composition and little emotion.  Over the next few days I will post here on my blog what I recommended.  It was fun.

We want to go from this:                   TO THIS: