DVD Joe Buissink: A Workshop

If you haven't seen Joe's work or how he approaches weddings, this might be a good DVD to get. But if you know Joe and have his prior DVDs, this may not be worth the $100. I got it for $75 (with shipping) ... he was running a special.

This video was filmed at a two day workshop he did in Canada. The DVD is broken down into 30 chapters/topics. You get a few minutes from each section of his two day workshop. The good news is that I wanted more ... the bad news is that I didn't get it. When the credits rolled at the end I was a bit shocked because I was sure more information was going to follow. The DVD lasted around an hour, he could have easily fillled up the DVD and given us two hours. Maybe he wants you to want more so you sign up for his two day workshop.

The workshop is more about inspiration than technical information ... which is great. Joe talks about his passion for wedding photography and how he is shooting for himself as much as he is for the client. He goes through his selling process and how he gets potential clients involved emotionally by his images. He does a few minutes of actual shooting with a model at the ranch where the workshop is being held ... but this is minimal.

The best line of the DVD was to find out that Joe is the second shooter on his weddings which frees him from having to get the have to get shots and allows him to look for and capture the more emotional moments. Joe charges $15,000 a wedding so he can afford a second or third shooter ... I am jealous.

I was also hoping to see some of Joe's new work, but most of the images he used in the workshop seemed to be the same ones I have seen of Joe's on his website and in prior DVDs.
Bottom line, if you haven't seen or watched Joe Buissink before, this is a good DVD to get you fired up for the wedding season. If you have seen him before, take the $100 and spend it on Kelby Training.

From Joe's Website:

New Instructional DVD Joe Buissink: A Workshop Now Available

An insight into Joe Buissink's workshops.
Learn from the wedding photographer to the stars—how to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Joe gives advice on all aspect of the business, what has worked for him and what has not. Lots of easy to use tips on selling and shooting.

This dvd contains valuable information for anyone for who photography is a passion. From technical advise to memorable stories about his experiences, Joe's new dvd is sure to inspire. 

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