Allyson King of Clarins in New York City NYC for Strayer by Len Spoden Photography

Portraits / Headshots

  • On-Location - Portrait sessions are conducted at a location of your choice. Typically environmental portraits utilize your office setting or any location of your choice as the background.  All of the portraits and headshots on my website were done at client locations. If you want a studio background, I can bring a variety of backgrounds to your location and deliver the same look as a photograph done in studio.  Clients enjoy this option because it saves them time and money by eliminating the need to travel to an offsite studio.


  • Studio - I have studios in Vienna, VA and Alexandria, VA for those clients that prefer an in-studio experience. A number of different types and colors of backgrounds are avaiable. 


  • Retouching / Delivery - Immediately after the photo shoot, the images are available for review and downloading.  Clients choose to have one image retouched per photo session, more photos may be retouched for an additional fee.
 IDEA Fitness Convention San Diego 2012 by Len Spoden Photography

Events / Meeting / Conferences

I am available to photograph conferences, meetings, and events anywhere in the world.  They can range from a couple of hours to an entire week in duration.